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Complete Email Security

Today’s email threats move fast, and malicious files look more and more like ordinary files. Growing businesses need predictive email security to defeat today’s threats with an eye on the future.

Libraesva ESG filters all internal emails as well as inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats and data leaks. It provides both spam filtering and spam protection against advanced threats like phishing, malspam, business email compromise, and account takeover. We block over 99.9% of phishing and malspam attacks!

We use our own sandboxing technologies to scan all links and documents. URLsand and QuickSand quickly scan all links and documents for active code and evasive behavior. This prevents users from visiting dangerous links or receiving and opening malicious files.

Simple and easy to deploy configurations guarantee that customized email protection is in place in a matter of minutes. Depending on your needs, you have the option to run in the cloud or on-premise. Cloud instances of Libraesva ESG are the most secure in the industry thanks to our dedicated, private cloud deployments. There is no need to worry about shared environments or certificates.

Email Security Gateway Features

Spoofing Protection

Libraesva ESG allows you to identify and block imposters, as well as prevent others from spoofing you. We analyze a combination of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication techniques and email headers to block spoof attempts. You can quickly generate DKIM keys to use with your own domain for better security or for DMARC alignment.

Protection against malicious files

Zero-Day Attacks are common, and anti-virus engines cannot be depended upon to stop them. They rely on antiquated definitions and updates that can come too late. Our QuickSand sandbox defense stops never before seen malware hitting users by lowering the risk to effectively zero. Documents and PDFs are scanned and sanitized or blocked before reaching the inbox.

Protection against malicious URLs

Phishing takes advantage of the weakest layer in the network—the human layer. Spoofed websites are emailed to users, requesting sensitive information. URLSand provides time-of-click protection against malicious URLs. All links are scanned for bad behavior, and then stops users from visiting unsafe websites.

BEC and Impersonation Attacks Protection

Business Email Compromise results in the greatest expense to victims. Losses due to BEC approach $2B per year and are only increasing. Using advanced algorithms, Libraesva ESG protects against impersonation attacks, such as BEC, CEO Fraud, and Whaling, so you are less likely to fall victim to one of these attacks.

Respond quickly to security threats

The difference between a successful and failed cyberattack can come down to response time. Each email has detailed reports, which provide deep visibility into targeted threats. Advanced attacks are stopped in their tracks. SIEM systems and other applications can be easily integrated for complete visibility.

Threat Analysis Portal

TAP is your all-in-one dashboard to analyze email attacks and trend data for your organization. Get greater visibility to attachment and URL sandboxing, as well as historical filtering rates, which you can compare to global data. You can quickly see if your organization is under attack by comparing yourself to others around the world.

Threat Remediation

On occasion, something malicious may arrive in a user’s mailbox. When this happens, threats are quickly and easily removed from users’ inboxes with Threat Remediation. From a central location, search for the suspect email and retract it. The email is deleted forever or stored in a safe location for further analysis. Users never know something bad arrived in their inbox!

Email Encryption

Encrypt emails end to end by using the on-demand encryption engine. Your sensitive data, information, documents, and files can be emailed without concern about being hijacked. Libraesva uses the most secure methodologies to ensure no one, except for the intended parties, is able to decrypt your email.

Email Continuity

Now that Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the world’s most popular email services, companies falsely believe their email will always be available. Wrong! Be prepared for definite downtime with Libraesva ESG Email Continuity, where you can read, compose, and reply to email in your inbox even when your email platform is down.

Manage your email on the go via mobile

Threats don’t just happen while you’re at your desktop, so you must be prepared when on the go. Libraesva ESG includes a mobile app with many features. Easily manage Office 365 and Google Workspace inbound emails and the quarantine while away from your desk.